#WhatsTheF: Because it's Las Vegas

Little did the lady from Lexus know that she was making my dream come true when she pulled a poker chip out of a hat with the initials TJ sloppily scribbled across it.  Three lucky spectators would be chosen at random to try their hand at a game of drift roulette, riding shotgun beside professional Pikes Peak racer and drifting phenom Ken Gushi in a Lexus IS-F.  The rules were simple, participants placed their other poker chip on an oversized roulette table while the trio of chosen ones riding alongside Ken in the IS-F would have the duty of bringing things to a halt.  Whichever number the smoking back tire of the IS-F landed on won a prize, but no reward was so great as getting to participate in drifting roulette firsthand.

Possibly the most surprising thing about the once in a lifetime ride along is just how smooth and calm these pilots are behind the wheel.  What from the outside looks like sheer automotive insanity is nothing more than a series of practiced maneuvers in controlled chaos; at no time could the ride be described as harsh.  Compared to the ride we took earlier in Ken’s other office, the IS-F CCSR, a true racecar and even the LFA supercar driven by Rolex champion Scott Pruett; the 2014 Lexus IS-F was simply smooth like butter on the blacktop using all 416 HP to vaporize the rear rubber while pirouetting around the oversized roulette wheel.  Heck, I don't think Ken even broke a sweat!