Jaguar Test Drive Experience @ Jaguar Drive Alive Program

The Jaguar Alive Driving Experience program, which was introduced two years ago, was designed to offer people the chance to drive Jaguar cars they might otherwise never experience. The entire Jaguar model lineup is brought out for this event, giving attendees the chance to get up close to cars such as the XK, the XF, the XJ, and the new F-Type. Jaguar Alive moves around from venue to venue, so people all over the country can enjoy the experience and see firsthand what makes Jaguars different from car to car. When Jaguar Alive visited Los Angeles, pro driver Davy Jones guided Autobytel around the event. The purpose of Jaguar Alive is to check out Jaguar’s new technology and to experience driving different Jaguar models, to see what makes each one unique. Pro drivers are also at the event, and these experienced pros can ride along with attendees offering coaching and advice so each person gets the most out of his or her drive. The pro drivers make the experience more useful and informative, as well as more fun, because it maximizes each Jaguar model’s performance capabilities. The Jaguar Alive event is set up in three different areas, Dynamics, Performance and Technology. Each area uses different Jaguar models to highlight the cars’ different features.