Infiniti is re-launching itself as a global purveyor of luxury sport sedans, fun-to-drive crossover SUVs, and whatever else the future may hold. This shift away from a regionally known brand to one recognized and revered all around the world requires a change in how the products are named and known, and this change began with the introduction of the 2014 Infiniti Q50.

For a couple of years, Infiniti plans to continue to offer the old G37 Sedan as a new, lower-priced model called the Q40. The Q50 is, essentially, the replacement for the G37, continuing as a rear-drive or all-wheel-drive sport sedan with a V-6 engine. A hybrid version is also available, and the Q50 features lots of new technology that was unavailable for the old G37 and remains absent from the Q40.

Additionally, the new 2014 Infiniti Q50 also sharpens the automaker’s design philosophy, providing a preview of key styling cues that are destined to appear on all future Infiniti models.

Infiniti invited us to sample the new Q50 3.7 AWD on some of the best roads in Southern California, and we’re impressed. It’s not a perfect car, but then, what car is?