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    2003 Hyundai Tiburon - GT V6 (M5)

    Pros: The looks

    Cons: No ABS without a sunroof on the automatic

    Advice: Make sure you don't need room for more than one adult or teenager. Back seats are for small packages and pets only.

    Sharp looks! I get lots of second looks and every kid in a tuner wants to race me, it seems. I haven't given in to the urge to compete....yet. But this car will surprise many people. It is fun to drive and very responsive. I keep reading where testers think the car is slow or underpowered. I beg to differ. It is a bit heavy for it's size, (over 3000 lbs curb weight), but compare it's low end torque and sophisticated engine to any American sports car and you'll be pleasantly surprised. No,it won't blow the doors off a Mustang or Camaro V8, but it will certainly hold it's own against stock Celicas, Probes, Civics, Eclipses and Acura RSX types. I like the spartan interior. It reminds me of German styling and I find it refreshingly simple. It doesn't flaunt it'as style like so many similar car interiors, which I find overdone and plastic. The one professional review here complains about the hatch being hard to close. If he'd looked closer, there's a recessed grip at the lower right of the inside panel, that makes grabbing the spoiler unnecessary. This car's handling is very tight, although it does exhibit a fair amount of understeer (easily compensated for once you get a feel for it) due to the heavier V6. Torque steer is also evident at lower speeds in lower gears, but is manageable. Overall, I love to drive this car. Plenty of punch in it's stock form, above average handling, and the stare factor is very cool!