2015 Hyundai Sonata Sneak Preview at the New York Auto Show

The crowd at the 2014 New York Auto Show got a sneak peek at Hyundai’s revised 2015 Sonata. This midsize sedan is always a big seller for Hyundai, and the latest iteration got some special attention to help it stand out in its competitive segment. The night before the auto show, Autobytel chatted with Peter Schreyer, who is the Head of Design for Hyundai and offered plenty of insight as to how the latest Sonata came to be. The design of the new Sonata came from Hyundai’s Fluidic Sculpture Design 2.0, and fluidity was the word most often used to describe the car’s profile and lines. Compared to the outgoing Sonata, the 2015 model year is a lot more fluidic in design, following the elegant and mature design language of Hyundai’s current fleet. The Sonata’s proportions have also been improved, making the car look more balanced and offering a better road presence. A longer front overhang and a shorter rear overhang improve the overall appearance of the car, and the front, especially, gives the Sonata a lot more confidence, thanks in part to the brand’s new hexagonal grille. The overall approach was to make the 2015 Sonata fit better with the other updated designs in Hyundai’s showrooms, because Hyundai has finally reached a point where its vehicles and its branding are instantly recognizable.