The Hyundai Equus is the Korean brand's flagship luxury sedan that offers a high end ownership experience at a mid-range price. The full-size and elegantly-styled Hyundai Equus offers copious amounts of interior room (especially in the back seat), and its well-insulated confines add to a premium image that is in keeping with the automaker's gradual shift up-market across its entire lineup.

The Hyundai Equus starts out in Signature trim (MSRP $59,000), which brings with it an adaptive and adjustable air suspension, dual automatic climate control, leather upholstery (with heated and ventilated seats up front), a rearview camera, a navigation system, parking assistance, a massage feature for the driver and heated rear seats that actually recline. Those riding out back will also appreciate their own climate and entertainment system controls, while all occupants benefit from the added safety of HID headlights, adaptive cruise control, a full complement of airbags and a lane departure warning system.

Stepping up to the Ultimate trim level (MSRP $66,000) brings with it additional features that are aimed primarily at improving the comfort level of rear seat passengers, as the vehicle gains a 2+2 interior arrangement that includes a center console with a refrigerator. Each of the two back seats that replace the Signature model's bench offers individual massage, heat and cooling settings, while those sitting on the right benefit from the installation of a footrest. The Equus Ultimate also comes with a front cornering camera that provides an image of what lies around the bend in the road ahead.

Both editions of the Hyundai Equus are outfitted with the same 5.0-liter V-8 engine. This eight-cylinder unit has been tuned to provide 429 horsepower and 376 lb-ft of torque, sent to the rear wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission. Fuel economy for the big sedan is rated at 15-mpg in stop and go driving and 23-mpg on the highway.

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