The 2014 Hyundai Elantra GT is a five-door compact hatchback that offers a lot of flexibility, and the latest version offers some new goodies. Chris Wardlaw, Autobytel’s Road Test Editor, checked out an Elantra GT to see how it stacks up against the expectations for the compact car segment. The most important new feature is the Elantra GT’s new drivetrain, showcasing a direct injected 2-liter that yields 173 horsepower. That’s 33 ponies more than last year’s engine. For that power increase, the fuel economy drops a bit, but the numbers are still good, coming in at 24 MG city and 34 MPG highway. The Elantra is a model name that’s applied to three different cars. There’s the five-door hatchback GT we see here, but Hyundai also makes an Elantra compact four-door sedan and a two-door Elantra Coupe. The Elantra GT is based on a Hyundai model known as the i30 that was developed especially for hatchback-loving Europeans, with a shorter wheelbase and a taller roof than the four-door Elantra. The result is a stylish, practical and efficient car that provides plenty of comfortable space for passengers and flexibility for cargo. Hyundai’s known for its excellent warranty, and the Elantra GT’s also proven itself with high safety ratings and customer satisfaction.