Formula Ford EcoBoost 1.0 Liter Street Legal Road Race Car @ SEMA

Have you ever wanted to drive an open-wheel car on the street?  Ford Racing Europe has found a way to make that dream a reality - at least, in the U.K.  Ford brought its EcoBoost Formula Ford Road Car to SEMA 2012 in order to show off the slightly-modified racer in street-legal trim.  This car isn't just plate-able overseas, as with a few adjustments it could also pass registration in America.

Michael Norton of Ford Racing Europe was gracious enough to give us the full details on the Formula Ford Road Car.  The EcoBoost motor helps the single-seat racer lap the Nürburgring in just 7:22, which is just outside of the top ten of all-time.  Autobytel Editor-In-Chief Michelle Naranjo was able to spend some quality time inside the cockpit of the Formula Ford - complete with BSR carbon fiber racing helmet - in order to get a feel for what it would be like to drive such an exotic model on the street.