Ford Uses Thermal Imaging To Make Their Vehicles Quieter

Helps Detect Air Leaks

Whenever you hear someone mention thermal imaging, it usually pertains to law enforcement or the military using it to hunt down criminals. The reason is simple: thermal imaging detects and shows heat in an environment. The brighter the color, the more heat it's giving off. Ford has found a unique use with thermal imaging - making their vehicles quieter.

How so? Well Ford uses thermal imaging to detect air leaks in vehicles to increase heating and cooling efficiency. But Ford has found that the air leaks also cause more noise to enter the cabin. By using thermal imaging, Ford can make improvements to make their vehicles much more comfortable.

“We are the first automaker to use this technology to track air leaks. It’s an example of the innovative methods we use so our customers have a more pleasant driving experience. Our cameras can detect tiny holes and openings we could not otherwise identify,” said John Crisi, Ford NVH engineer.