Behind the Scenes with the All-New Ford Fusion

With the Ford Motor Company getting ready to show the world just how great the all new Fusion for 2013 really is, the guys in Dearborn decided who better to tell the world than those who put it all together.  The Faces of Fusion is a series of short videos from the American Automaker that features the engineers, designers as well as marketing and program managers that brought the 2013 Ford Fusion from a sketch on a blank sheet of paper to a visually stunning machine rolling off the assembly line in Flat Rock.

The Faces of Fusion gives a behind the scenes look in the vehicle’s inception.  Sharing one of his favorite stories is Scott Makowski, the Fusion’s Global I-4 Programs Manager, who recalled one potential customer complaining about the lack of a V6 in the all four cylinder lineup that consists of one naturally aspirated 2.5 Liter, two gas sipping turbocharged EcoBoost engines and one gas/electric hybrid power plant.  However after a quick stab at the go pedal, the future Ford owner turned back to Scott, offering up their approval of the lineup with a smile stretching from ear to ear.

Ford Fusion Marketing Manager, Samantha Hoyt, is not only excited about delivering a great all new car that offers exceptional fuel economy but that they are creating new jobs in their own backyard.  Meanwhile Powertrain Engineering Manager Greg Johnson promises that the new Fusion will throw drivers back in their seat, and that aside from the car’s fun to drive spirited nature, owners will be amazed by how little gas it consumes.

The Fusion Hybrid Systems Application Manager, Gil Portalatin’s favorite thing about the new Ford, is that not only is it a great package, but that it returns an EPA estimated 37 MPG.  Judy Curran is the Fusion Vehicle Line Director, and she understands that next to a home, a car is typically the second largest purchase that customers are going to make, and she wants to make sure that they are completely satisfied with their new Ford.  Fusion/Mondeo Chief Program Manager, John Jraiche, talks about taking pride in just being chosen to work on the project and how keeping the consumer in mind motivates him on an ongoing basis.

The Color and Materials Designer, Barb Whalen, gets excited when she sees individuals reactions of the new Fusion, one of her favorite places for this is at autoshows, where she goes just to see what the customers are thinking.  Finally, Lighting Technical Specialist, Mahendra Dassanyake talks about how he and his team take pride in their product as their passion.  However Mahendra’s best line is when he is talking about working together,“there’s nothing called one of us it is all of us, no one of us is smarter than all of us” which gives you some insight as to how the many faces at Ford worked together to breathe life into the all new 2013 Ford Fusion.