2013 Ford Fusion Shows Its Face(s): Designing the Interior of the New Fusion

Designer Injects Passion, Style into New Fusion

Fashion, Ford & Fusion

The 2013 Ford Fusion is just now arriving in dealerships, but its dramatic new shape and stylish, high-tech interior already have customers buzzing about the car’s fresh approach to the mid-size sedan segment. It’s a testament to the detailed work of numerous Ford stylists and engineers, including Barb Whalen, a color and materials designer for the Blue Oval who was a key member of the development team.

In this exclusive video, Whalen talks about the passion for design—and customer satisfaction—that she brought to the project, as well as Ford’s ability to rely on sustainable materials to get the job done without sacrificing either. The result is a car that looks good, feels good and is good for the environment, too.

The new Fusion, for example, will showcase cloth seats with surfaces made entirely from REPREVE yarn. While still meeting all of Ford’s rigorous criteria for comfort and durability, the material is a blend of post-industrial/post-consumer waste products that is made from plastic water and soda bottles. In fact, Ford says that cloth-seat Fusions will contain an amount of recycled plastic that’s equivalent to up to 38.9 16-ounce plastic containers.

Yet, thanks to team members like Whalen, the Fusion speaks a new design language that is both sophisticated and sensuous, and draws on style cues from around the world to provide an upscale ownership experience that is available from just $21,700.