2012 Ford Focus Electric: Video Road Test and Review

The Ford Focus Electric is a limited production four door five passenger lithium ion battery electric vehicle that produces zero tailpipe emissions starting at $39,200 and qualifies for a $7,500 Federal Income Tax Credit.  The Focus Electric features a kinetic design with a set of bespoke 15 spoke 17 inch wheels and a rear spoiler making the BEV look like it's always in motion.  The combination of a 23 kwh high voltage lightweight battery, efficient single speed transmission and regenerative braking combine to create an EV with competitive MPGs.

The Focus Electric comes with the blue oval's MyFord Touch with unique electric vehicle content to help driver's get the most out of every charge, while the 4.2 inch LCD touch screens handle all the traditional infotainment duties as well as battery charge status and distance to the next charging station among other things to help drivers keep track of how they are driving and allows them to make adjustments in order to maximize the Focus Electric's range and efficiency.  There is also a mobile app for smart phones that lets owners monitor and schedule their electric Focus' charging patterns from anywhere, it also estimates the amount of CO2 emissions and money saved based on how efficiently the Focus has been driven, as well as MapQuest custom routes that let driver's know that they'll be able to make it to their destinations with Efficient Navigation.

The Focus Electric also comes with Brake Coach, a user interface that displays how much energy was recovered during the regenerative braking process that can capture more than 90% of the thermal energy dissipated when stopping.  Electrified Focus owners will benefit from convenient keyless entry and a push button starter.  Ford's MyKey technology allows owners to set limits such as maximum speed and/or stereo volume to match individual car keys.  In car entertainment duties are handled by a Sony Audio System with HD Radio and optional Sirius XM Satellite radio.  Charging is best left to a 240 Volt charging station, which can top off the battery with electrons in about three to four hours, while the illuminated charging port is visual cue that the Focus Electric is good to go.

A list of similar cars to the Focus Electric includes the 2012 Nissan Leaf and and 2012 Chevrolet Volt.

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