Though the Ford Fiesta hot hatch has been kicking around Europe in years, Ford’s finally brought some of the fun home to the United States, and it’s a prime example of a subcompact car’s potential. It is powered by a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine that yields 197 horsepower. The exterior of the Ford Fiesta ST also distinguishes itself from the base Fiesta with a sporty and aerodynamic body kit that suits the car’s aggressive and feisty personality. A 6-speed manual transmission and a sport-tuned suspension help round out the driving experience. Though the Ford Fiesta ST has made a name for itself as a fun commuter car, its performance capabilities make it a contender in a competitive driving scenario. Autobytel got ahold of a preproduction version of the Fiesta ST, and Benjamin Hunting got a chance to put it through its paces on the autocross course for this video. Road test writers and editors know from experience that preproduction cars still have some bugs, and in the case of Autobytel’s Fiesta ST test, the overenthusiastic stability control system interfered with Benjamin’s ability to whip through cones and around corners. Most Fiesta ST buyers should be happy with the car’s street performance, but some owners will want to be able to properly turn off the stability control, so they can go have some fun.