What is it like to ride-along in the second seat beside Ken Block as he pilots a 600-horsepower Global RallyCross Championship car around a tight course setup specifically to provide maximum thrills and tire smoke for the delight of thousands of SEMA attendees and one very lucky passenger?  Autobytel's Editor-In-Chief, Michelle Naranjo, is uniquely qualified to answer that particular question, as she was a participant in the Ford Out Front GRC ride-along program at this year's SEMA 2012 show.

The turbocharged, all-wheel drive Ford Fiesta that Naranjo rode shotgun in is capable of hitting 60-mph from a standing start in less than two seconds - making it faster than a Formula One car.  These cars are designed to compete on a variety of different surfaces, including water-slicked tarmac, dry asphalt, and mud, and they also perform aerial maneuvers across a 70-foot jump that is included in almost every track design.