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    2002 Jeep Liberty - Sport 4x4

    Pros: Engine

    Cons: Price

    Advice: Really compare apples with apples before you buy

    Test drove vehicle, it rides stiff and just a slight bit better than old jeep. The cargo area is small with back seats up, tire is mounted dead center on rear door which makes it difficult to place items in vehicle with flip glass up especially for someone who is not to tall. Has a good engine, very simple interior. After you add all the non standard features, the overall cost of the vehicle is over priced as compared to others. Unfortunately dealers are marking up the vehicle over the MSRP by as much as $3,000 or more, all I can say is remember the Mazda Miata when they came out and now you can't give them away. In the end I chose to purchase a Hyundai Santa Fe SUV, better bargin, warranty, features and ride.