Driving the 2014 Morgan 3-Wheeler

When Autobytel’s Road Test Editor Jeff Glucker spent some time with a 2014 Morgan 3-Wheeler, he discovered a few things. First and foremost, it’s a total waste of time to be vain behind the wheel of such a vehicle, because your hair will get messy. Second, wearing a helmet in an open vehicle like this Morgan is a smart idea, even if it makes your hair even worse than it would get on its own. And third, that in some cases, it can be hard to really improve on a car that’s been built since the 1930s. This Morgan has three wheels, two up front that handle the steering, and one in back that puts the engine’s power to the ground. That setup hasn’t changed since the car’s early days. But this updated version boasts an x-wedge 2-liter engine from S&S, paired to a transmission sourced from the Mazda Miata. The powertrain gives the Morgan about 100 horsepower. So, back to that helmet Jeff was wearing. If you’re interested in picking up a Morgan of your own, be aware that it has to be registered as a motorcycle, but the extra effort is worth it, and you’ll still immensely enjoy the wind in your face.