The Chrysler Town & Country is one of the best-selling minivans in the United States, and its main competition is its sibling, the Dodge Caravan. These two minivan models have been around practically since minivans hit their stride, and though they’ve never really been the most cutting-edge vehicles available at any given time, they’ve always met a specific set of criteria with ease. Minivans have fallen out of favor in the past few years, as sport utility vehicles rapidly gained popularity, and for that reason, a lot of minivan sales, including the Chrysler Town & Country, are for fleets and rental cars. Chrysler hasn’t totally given up, though. The Town & Country is still selling it, so Chrysler is still making it, and the Chrysler Town & Country S offers some solid features. For this Autobytel video review, a 2014 Chrysler Town & Country S was put through its paces by Road Test Editor Chris Wardlaw. The Chrysler Town & Country S offers a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine that is good for 283 horsepower, a rather impressive statistic as compared to other minivans. That power comes at a cost, though. A thirsty engine and a large body mean the 2014 Chrysler Town & Country S is rated for just 17 miles per gallon city, and 25 miles per gallon highway. This van has Chrysler’s Stow & Go seating, though, which might help edge out the competition.