Chevrolet Shows You How To Properly Load A Trailer

Chevrolet has started a new series on YouTube called Silverado Towing Tips to provide information on how to properly tow a trailer with a Chevrolet Silverado pickup, or any other pickup. This episode, named Loading, explains how to properly load a trailer safely.

The first thing you should do before attempting any type of towing is to read your owner’s manual since it will have information on the maximum towing capacity your truck can handle. When backing up your Silverado to connect a trailer, it’s a good idea to have someone outside the truck to help guide you along. Also, a backup camera helps a great deal when you’re trying to line up the truck with the trailer. Loading up the trailer, make sure to evenly distribute the load. Having most of your load on one side of the trailer could cause a dangerous situation. Finally if your Silverado comes with Tow/Haul mode, use it. This mode changes the programming of the transmission to reduce the amount shifts on the transmission.