Which inexpensive pickup truck are you likely to purchase next?

Even though the average price of a new vehicle in this country has climbed above the  $30,000-mark, you can still get into a pickup truck today for significantly less than that amount—and not just a small one, either. That gave us a wide range of options from which to choose when we asked you to pick your favorite pickup deals in today’s Autobytel survey. The surprising thing was, your favorite wasn’t the country’s favorite.

Instead of the Ford F-150 ($23,670) at the top of the heap, it was the Blue Oval’s archrival, the Chevy Silverado ($23,590) with 30 percent of the votes. Also ahead of the best-selling pickup in the country were the RAM 1500 ($22,640), which was the choice of 25 percent of readers, and the Nissan Frontier ($17,990), selected by 15 percent. The Ford finished in a tie with the Toyota Tacoma ($17,625) and Honda Ridgeline, with each garnering 10 percent shares in the voting.