2014 Buick Regal Turbo AWD Test Drive Video Review

Like all the other General Motors marques, Buick is currently undergoing something of renaissance. The plodding pondering Buicks of old have given way to decisively athletic models with high feature content, attractive styling, and a decidedly European flair. In the case of the Regal, this comes about as a result of its being based on the German Opel Insignia sedan. And while this German heritage has the folks in Buick marketing tempted to stack the Regal up against models like BMW’s 3 Series and Audi’s A4, we think the Buick would be better off considered on its own merits. Yes, we know cars don’t live in a vacuum, but if you’ve got something pretty nice all on its own, why give people a reason to look in other places? The fact of the matter is this Buick Regal is quite a lovely car. It handles properly, rides comfortably, is suitably powerful, and has a nice array of comfort and convenience equipment. That said, it does give up some ground to both the Audi and the BMW in terms of sheer dynamics, but it costs less than those cars as well—while still offering handsome styling, all-wheel drive, and respectable performance.