The benchmark has a new name. The BMWs formerly known as the 3 Series coupes are now referred to as the 4 Series coupes, while the 3 Series nomenclature is now applied solely to the sedans in this class. Along with the model name change came a more distinguished appearance from its 3 Series siblings (even though it shares their mechanicals under the bodywork). This sharing includes the engines, as the 2014 BMW 435i is powered by the same twin-scroll turbocharged inline six-cylinder as the 335i. Output is a very robust 300 horsepower, which is routed to the rear wheels through your choice of a six-speed manual transmission, or an eight-speed automatic. All-wheel drive is offered as an option. The voluptuous new body certainly makes the car look more aggressive with its flared rear fenders and fluidly curvaceous lines. If you’re familiar with BMW cars, inside, the model looks like any other BMW you’ve ever been in, which is to say it’s very business like, as well as well crafted and sumptuously outfitted. Another thing the same as any other BMW coupe is the engaging manner in which the 435i goes down the road. If you like to drive, you’ll truly appreciate the 2014 BMW 435i.