2014 BMW 328d (Diesel) Sports Wagon Test Drive — Most Fuel Efficient AWD in America

BMW’s known for packing a lot of punch into cars that are small, yet luxurious. The 2014 BMW 328d is no exception, especially when it’s equipped with the optional xDrive all-wheel-drive system. Though most of the BMW 3-Series vehicles are sedans, the 2014 328d Sports Wagon is an exception to that rule. There is a sedan version of the 328d, and it’s available with rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive systems. However, opting for the Sports Wagon version of the 328d means the vehicle will already come with the xDrive system. This Autobytel test drive video, which is hosted by Road Test Editor Daniel Gray, focuses on the Sports Wagon variant of the 2014 BMW 328d xDrive. This BMW is powered by a 2-liter twin-power 4-cylinder diesel engine, paired to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The total package is good for 180 horsepower, and it’s the same powertrain as that found in the sedan. The Sports Wagon achieves fuel economy ratings of 31 miles per gallon city and 43 miles per gallon highway, but the lighter weight of the sedan allows it to gain a few miles more per gallon. It’s the most fuel efficient all-wheel-drive vehicle in the United States, and, as you’ll see in Autobytel’s video, the 2014 BMW 328d xDrive has plenty of other perks as well.