BMW Creates The Vision Gran Turismo Concept: Video

Playable In Gran Turismo 6 (Kind Of)

BMW is the latest automaker to create a digital concept car for Sony's Gran Turismo 6 video game. Called the Vision Gran Turismo, the concept looks to be a 2-Series Coupe that went to the gym with an extreme aerodynamic package and a unique take on the M division's signature light blue, dark blue and red stripe.

Under the virtual hood is a turbocharged 3.0L inline-six with 549 horsepower, and around 501 pound-feet of torque. Being BMW, the company gave the model a perfect 50:50 weight balance and cut almost a thousand pounds from the curb weight.

"The development of the BMW Vision Gran Turismo combines our many years of motorsports experience with signature BMW Design. The race car anticipates future racing trends and allows gaming fans even more to experience BMW racing quality," says Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President Brand Communication for BMW.

Now if you want to play with the Vision Gran Turismo, you need to book a plane ticket to Munich, Germany to visit the BMW Welt. Hopefully, the concept will be available for download in the near future.