Autobytel 2014 New York Auto Show Round-up

Couldn’t make it to the 2014 New York Auto Show, or you just want to revisit the highlights? A sizable crew from Autobytel brought the best cars, introductions and interviews from the show in a series of videos, but after it was all over, they needed a chance to wind down and reflect. Autobytel hung out in the Mazda booth and got to chat with some special guests, and they also discussed some of their favorite cars and moments of the show. One of the first topics of discussion was Infiniti’s somewhat confusing new model nomenclature, which is being rolled out on the brand’s new vehicles that were revealed at the show, as well as existing models. Another major topic at the show was BMW’s recent expansion of its model lineup, adding a few new series so there are more vehicles with only subtle differences among them. The change offers more choices, but might be too confusing for some potential customers. Asimo, Honda’s new robot, attracted a lot of attention at the show and was worthy of plenty of follow-up conversation. And of course, stay tuned for plenty of interviews with the designers of some of the new cars introduced at the show.