Shelby America Has A Garage Sale

14 Prototype and Concept Cars Are Up For Sale

Whenever an automaker introduces a concept vehicle, it makes the rounds to auto shows and press events before being put away into storage. It could be shown to the public at a museum or be locked away in a warehouse never to be seen again. But once in a blue moon, an automaker will open up its history and start selling off its concept cars. Shelby America, the company behind some of fastest Mustangs has announced they'll be selling some of their concept and prototype vehicles.

The company is moving their headquarters from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to a new facility off of the Las Vegas strip, and they don't have enough space to fit all of their vehicles. So they are selling fourteen of their rarest cars in the collection.

Not surprisingly, the majority of vehicles on offer are Mustangs ranging from a 2007 Shelby GT prototype to a 2013 Shelby GT350 Prototype. There are also a pair of 289 Cobras: a original development vehicle and a the last of the 50th anniversary slab-sided continuation cars. Also up for grabs is the 2013 Shelby Raptor concept (featured in the video) and Shelby Focus Concept.

You can see what's up for sale by checking out the sales catalog here.