Scion Racing Drift Team at the 2014 Media Day at Irwindale Speedway

When the Scion Racing team came over to the “House of Drift” event at the Irwindale Speedway, Autobytel stopped by to check out the media preview event. The 2014 Formula D season is underway, but T.J. Keon and Autobytel’s video team got the Scion racers’ pre-season insight as they refreshed their skills for Round 1 of the season, The Streets of Long Beach. Though the Scion Racing team has shown that they’re game for anything, and their positive attitudes are a key to their success, the cars are also important, of course. So with that in mind, Autobytel got a good look at the team’s rides, both on and off the smoky drift course. Ken Gushi, one of the Scion team’s drifters, drives a Scion FR-S that’s actually made the public rounds before, at the 2013 SEMA event in Las Vegas. Although the car looks a little different now, it’s a great example of how to modify a car for drifting, and Ken Gushi even gave Autobytel a ride to demonstrate its prowess. Drifting continues to gain popularity, and not surprisingly, the Scion Racing team’s drifting competitors have some strong opinions about the direction of the sport, which pro drifter Tony Angelo was happy to discuss.