Ford Racing Tours Ken Block's Hoonigan Racing Division HQ

Ford Racing has taken Ken Block fans for a once-in-a-lifetime video tour into the realm of the Hoonigan Racing Division headquarters in Park City, UT. For Ford Focus ST and Fiesta ST owners, this opportunity can also become a first hand reality by participating in the ST Octane Academy at Miller Motorsport Park. Not only will Octane Academy cadets be privileged enough to spend all day tossing around a couple of the hottest turbocharged hatches of all time, but afterwards they will be treated to an up close inspection of the WRC-based race cars that Ken Block uses to do everything from winning rally stages to filming viral video sensations. Academy students will also be able to catch a glimpse into some personal projects like the Fifteen52 design vehicles and the very menacing Ford F-150 SVT RaptorTRAX.