The Audi A8 L is the flagship full-size sedan that represents the most comfortable and advanced vehicle in the brand's lineup. The Germany company has positioned the Audi A8 L to compete against vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the BMW 7 Series, and the four-door, extended-wheelbase automobile comes in two different trim levels that are each designed to appeal to a specific segment of well-heeled buyer.

The Audi A8 4.2 L (MSRP $84.700) features a 4.2-liter, V-8 engine under the hood that has been tuned to provide 372 horsepower and 328 lb-ft of torque. This output is sent to all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission and standard quattro all-wheel drive. Fuel mileage for the eight-cylinder unit checks in at 17-mpg in city driving and 27-mpg on the highway. The 4.2 L trim includes niceties such as an adaptive air suspension that can be controlled via Audi Drive Select (which also fine tunes the vehicle's steering system and throttle response), heated leather seats, navigation, power adjustment for the front two positions, dual automatic climate control and eight airbags.

Moving up to the Audi A8 6.3 L (MSRP $133,500) installs a formidable 6.3-liter, W-12 engine. This monster mill produces 500 horses and 463 lb-ft of twist and comes with the same transmission and quattro that are featured on the eight-cylinder car. Fuel mileage for the larger motor is rated at 14-mpg around town and 21-mpg during highway cruising. The 6.3 L adds to the Audi A8 L's opulence thanks to the inclusion of LED headlights, acoustically insulated glass, nicer leather seats with heat, ventilation and massage features at all four positions, a center rear console and the Audi Connect system. Four zones of automatic climate control and a heated steering wheel are also offered free of charge with the A8 6.3 L.

Optional gear for the Audi A8 L is divided into different packages as well as stand-alone items, with highlights showing as reclining rear seats with footrests and a rear-mounted refrigerator, a DVD entertainment system, a stiffer sport suspension system (that comes with a torque-vectoring rear differential for enhanced handling) as well as adaptive cruise control. Safety options are listed as a lane departure warning system, a collision detection system and a blind spot monitoring system.

A list of cars similar to the A8 L includes the 2012 BMW 750i, 2012 Mercedes Benz S550 and 2012 Lexus LS460.

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